it seems as if 2010 has flown by. but then, it also seems as if it has been 2010 forever. im not sad to see it go though the farther away we get from 2009, the weirder i feel. tonight, jeffrey and i are going to a mad men new years eve party (im attempting to channel a pregnant version of the joan girl- we dont watch the show) and i bought myself a red lipstick.
what im going for.
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haha, my mom made me a great fake pencil wrapped in white paper cigarette. its gonna be good kids.

 besides some sadness that this past year has held, we know that this next year is going to be so wonderful... and now i will present you with some examples;

1- we are having a baby! a soft cuddly baby that so far shows no signs of trisomy 18 and is growing perfectly. all we can say to that is hallelujah. okay, we are singing it!

2- starting exactly 6 weeks after i have this baby, i will begin training for the disney half marathon. unless i get all ballsy and decide to go for the full, ive done it before people.

3- its about 8 months away but in august we are going on a vacation to my home state, oregon. a tiny baby and a 3 year old in tow...i cant wait.

and now some goals...that i think i can do.

a- be realistic
b- get my husbands xbox 360 fixed
c- be a more intentional mother
d- be a more intentional wife
e- lose the baby weight
f- read my Bible more
g- read more in general
h- i think i have more but i AM being realistic haha

happy new year to you! i hope that you get to celebrate with the ones you love!

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  1. lol! i can not wait to see pictures of your outfit!
    and i had no idea you are going to oregon! that is going to be SO fun! i'm so glad you guys are going on vacation!