feeling fat and therefore, nostalgic.

ive been thinking about this here blog and what its going to look like for the next 6 months. 
and i thought to myself
"people are going to want to see the preggs stuff, even if im not a cute pregg lady (just a HEADS UP)."
and then i thought,
"i do already have a little bump (at 13 weeks) , maybe i should snap a pic, yo"
and then i was like,
"uhh, i feel fat and so not cute today, so i'll put up an old shot of jeffrey and i when i was young(er) and beautiful (in perspective) and thin!"
most of all, i was thin.
so, here it is.
this was when we had been dating like 3 months, during christmas break and we decided to dress up all "BA" (because nothing says BA like a monogrammed hollister t-shirt, right?) and surprise attack my friend emmas house (her pool really).
in the end, we knocked on the door.
(such rebels!)
and they gave us snacks.
and we swam in their pool.
oh, to be young and free.

yes, jeffrey is rockin a goatee and yes, i am wearing a bandana.

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  1. okay 1) you've always been skinnier than me. even RIGHT after baby. grrr! and 2) you're the most ADORABLE preggo girl ever. so please. post pics. asap. that's an order.