weird gingeys.

a few nights ago, after dinner, the boys and i decided to finally turn the gingerbread dough i had in the fridge in to cookies! of course, being the lazy and apparently un-spirited mother that i am, we had no gingerbread MEN cookie cutters. oh no. but we did have old play doh shapes. a shark and a seahorse. finally! the under the sea Christmas i have always dreamed of! no? thats not right? okay, you caught me. but whatever right? they worked. also, we used my ravioli cutter as well. it made thicker and bigger cookies, because who wants small and thin cookies? not i friend, not i.

and dont you love jacksons super festive pajamas? they are saying to me "Jesus was born and saved my bones, yo!" 


  1. LOL
    the cookies look delicious! and i can't believe jackson still fits in those pajamas! didn't he wear those for halloween last year? :)

  2. haha we got him a new pair this year...he grew out of the other ones a while ago!