heres the thing, we get distracted...

everyday i wake up and think "blog!"
okay really, i think "coffee" and "slippers". 
and no, i am not 80. 
because then i would be adding "metamucil"! to that thought train.

really the truth is, we've been distracted.
with life.
and yesterday i was like, "oh man, i have so many good things to blog about!"
and then, jackson dropped the tv on his feet.
no joke here peeps.
my heart fell from my chest.
the clunk, the scream.
no good.
thankfully, the wonderful nurses at urgent care took great care of us and i am happy to report...the feet are not broken!!!!!
just badly, badly bruised.
poor jbear's feet are swollen and red and bruised.
and he hobbles.
oh the hobble is so cute.

see, he is riddled with pain...

but, in any case, we are here.
feet and stockings (as you can see) and all.

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  1. oh my gosh! i can't believe that! i'm glad to hear that his little feet are not broken! poor guy :( i hope today is better than yesterday :) i love you!