a random weekend.

so on saturday we did something we would not normally do. in fact, if you know me (and if youre reading this, you most likely do because i have uhh 18 followers, cool). i dont like bbq. dont crave it, dream of it or make it. but here is the thing; we are trying to embrace lakeland and thats means, we went to Pigfest.
the name, OH the name!
like nails on a chalkboard.
the tagline should be "cholesterol city"
and it was interesting. 
i had a bbq pork sandwich from one of the "pro" competition guys and it was good.
spicy sauce, thats what sold me. 
jbear had a homemade sausage and they use pork they raise themselves on their own farm- i was impressed!
but thats not the norm.
the norm is the above photo. 
SERIOUS about this stuff, they are.
yoda, i am.
and i had fried pickles (not pictured)
jeffrey had the bbq pork egg roll (meat, sauce and slaw. it wasnt great, missing the crunch factor if you ask me)
and we all shared a fresh squeezed lemonade.
it was a beautiful day and wish and i might, guy fieri wasnt present. 

anywho, on the baby front, we find out what kinda baby we've got in there tomorrow. 
wooo for gender party at baby gap!

ps- jeffrey has decided that because of this, he wants to be a better whistler. so i just thought you should know, he has been whistling ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME in order to better his skill.
its great, no lies. (lies lies lies)

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  1. haha :) this is great! i'm glad that you guys had a fun weekend. and i'm SO EXCITED ABOUT TOMORROW!!! love you guys :)