an embarrassing slip.

please pardon my longer than brief absence from this bloggity blog. i, embarrassingly, slipped off of a curb and into a small pot hole while at dinner with friends last weekend. oh yes, pregnancy clumsiness at its finest. and have been wearing a delightful fracture boot along with, get this, crutches. yeah baby. 16 1/2 weeks preggo, on crutches. it was especially delightful for those customers in tjmaxx who looked on whilst i hung the bras that i was purchasing ON my crutches ( its too hard to hold anything in your hand friends) and my mother pushed my screaming 3 year old, who was holding his new yellow umbrella, out of the store. really, its hard to describe how absolutely horrible humbling these past few days have been. enjoy your thursday, see you tomorrow.


  1. kathleen, you crack me up. i'm sorry it's been so rough, i wish i could be there to help you. i'm glad you have your mom though, she's so wonderful :) i love you!

  2. PREGNANT!! This is my favorite thing today so far.

    People always act like pregnant women are so fragile, and i always think "i'm pregnant, not handicapped"...but in this case you are!

    oops ;)

  3. oh carolyn, you dont even know how handicapped i really felt! and yes! a baby! ps- happy belated birthday to sonny!