thoughts on pregnancy

this is about what we are looking at these days folks. 14 weeks and some change. 

here is the thing about being pregnant. for me, at least.
 it shakes you. yes you feel like you are on top of the world (after youve barfed your life away). you are growing a child! a sacred vessel!
and then, you see a picture of yourself. really? you thought you looked so much better than that.
and then you put that aside (after a good cry about it) and are back to thinking how sacred and precious your cargo is. (really? cargo? doesnt it seem like i could choose a more delicate word? nope, i got nothin')
and then youre all like "can i do this again?" "what am i doing".
and you have a good cry about that.
and then you add some regular life on top of that and the result is...

you send your husband to pick up chick-fil-a for dinner.
and then you cry about that (because you used to be such a great cook! and so creative)

one day, youll get your groove back. but for now, a tan might help.


  1. haha :) i love you kathleen.
    you are a beautiful pregnant woman, a WONDERFUL mother and wife, and all great cooks need breaks every now and then :)

  2. sarah, i cant wait until youre a mom and you get to make your kids feel good about themselves haha :) thanks