le weekend a la plage.

the weekend started off not so hot.
our plans to camp on the beach were changed when our campsite reservations were cancelled.
so instead of frowning about it all weekend, we set up the tent in the living room, roasted hot dogs, corn and s'mores and went to the beach the next day.
a weekend saved!
plus we found a great breakfast place here in lakeland, frescos.
and except for the cheese in my omelette being weird and certainly NOT gruyere, it was pretty darn good.

 the water was cold but they boys were loving it. and then jbear started shaking ad his lips turned blue, so he came up with me to dry off. silly boy.
totally unrelated to the beach but still very cool, yesterday morning, i was heading out for a run and literally heard a MILLION birds chirping.
looked across the street at two super old oaks and i saw birds flying in and out in and out and i realized, the baby birds had hatched! (it was super cool to listen to)
i call jackson outside so he could hear them and told them what it was and he said 
"now those birds mommies tummies arent big anymore!"
haha kind of bud, kind of.

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