so, its been over a week...

...and i should have blogged SOMETHING at this point. but we had such a great weekend that i hardly touched the computer and then sunday after a day of yard work, i went to bed with a fever and feeling like the allergy truck had run over me. and frankly, i still do. so, give me one more day, and i promise that ill be back. tylenol has become my new best friend (dont tell advil) and im hoping that my allergy tea along with my prenatal vitamins, pregnancy tea and tons of water will get me back to normal. but for now its hot flashes and random popsicle cravings. go figure.

oh yes and look up there, thats me ten seconds ago. and yes i thermal-ed it because i dont want you to see the black bags under my eyes or my gross hair. but thats our baby bro in there. 21 weeks and some change.


  1. you're so stinkin' cute! this makes me miss you a lot.
    you look great friend :) can't wait to see you sooo soon!!
    love you!

  2. you look great! love the stripey's.