strawberries and other funny things.

hmmm its thursday now but it still feels monday to me. almost the weekend again but ive only begun to tell you about the last! about the strawberries! the red, sweet and delicious strawberries.

we went with some friends (who we met at chick fil a , a great place to meet friends) out to parkesdale, fl to a great organic and hydroponic farm to pick strawberries. jackson and their boys were pros. that is until the end when jbear informed me that he had been "just eating them off the leaves mom. so they wouldnt smush." needless to say, he had a juice covered face.

and after we picked, we lunched and relaxed (sort of with three little boys around) and then i made jam with those strawberries on that beautiful day and then i ran and roasted a chicken and the day ended perfectly.

and then i compare saturday to today. jackson still isnt feeling great and i am sinus infected in full swing. and last night (this morning?) around 4:15, hubs woke up to take jbear potty and he had wet the bed. (get ready, this is my favorite part) after changing the poor kid and pulling off the sheets, jeffrey walks in and says
"thats it! no more asparagus! jackson smells! we are never having it for dinner again!"
after i rubbed my eyes, i laughed.
does anyone else have these ridiculous fights or thoughts in the middle of the night?
i replied
"uhhh you dont want to eat asparagus anymore bc our kid wet the bed one night? really?"
(i laughed again) "okay, go back to sleep honey."
and he did.

sometimes, marriage is the funniest thing.


  1. I think that the important thing to take away is the fact that your son eats fruits and veggies! That's amazing... cute family :)