my husband;the yogi

most days, my husband comes home looking like this...
and i think to myself a) cutie and b) if a stranger were to guess my husbands profession, would they think he was a yogi? a vegan chef? a gardener?

so, i thought we would play a little game...if you are a regular reader here,( then hello! i cant believe you read this, how exciting!) then you already know what jeffrey does but if youre new (also, welcome! please stay!) then you might not... lets guess what my husband does everyday for a living!
just for fun!
unless you want me to send you cookies, then we will talk about it because i believe in treats and rewards.

also, sorry for being a stranger around these parts. i actually have three saved "serious" posts but i just cant seem to make them seem too jumbled.

 anywho, guessssss away!


  1. one. jeff's hair is so long! and i love that he posed for you in this picture :)

    two. seriously, when did we grow up.. jeff looks like a real grown up. i mean i know we've been adults for a while, but he looks like a real adult. so strange, haha :)

    three. i really like your 'who am i?' section.

    four. i get to see you in EIGHT days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait :)

  2. works in an office of somesort???

  3. if anyone cares to know, he is an environmental engineer! dun dun! but i liked all of the suggestions!