a new prospect; our garden.

 images of martha stewart's garden via the kitchn
aka my dream garden

back in october, jackson received a "gardening set" for his birthday. the set included tomato, green bean and green onion seeds, a few pots, potting soil and a trowel. 
of course, being the patient 3 year old he is, he wanted to wait until the season to plant them...HA! we planted those tomatoes in october baby.
and im happy to say that during our freezes (nothing compared to the rest of the US, i know) i brought them inside and kept them safe and now they are grounded.
and we have added a few more things-
strawberries (one little plant that might give us hmmm like 4 strawberries haha)
blueberries (a bush we FOUND on the side of our yard!)
cherry tomatoes
poblano peppers (thanks klaas haus)
and soon, we will plant our watermelon.

so far we are doing pretty well.
we've only lost the carrots (moment of silence) and poor jbear is reminded that we have none everytime we read "the carrot seed".
we've found an organic "pesticide" that seems to be working and i plan on stealing some of my parents black gold next time we are there.

but im always looking for tips! 
anyone have any great gardening advice?
or any hilarious gardening woe stories? 
id love to hear!

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