the weekend.

i am attempting to better my "take my camera out everywhere i go" thing but this weekend, its didnt work.
this weekend we did DO a lot though. 
jbear and i went to disney with some friends from tallahassee.
actually just me, my friend tiffany and two 3 year olds. 
by the end of the day, we were wiped and pizza never tasted so good.

here are the two boys about 2 years ago (give or take a few months)

and here is an oldie of our usual mom adventure that consisted of; coffee at our churches coffee shop, and then the park. yes, jbear is in a hiking backpack, i was hardcore. tiffany is far left and lindsey, we missed you!

and now for a "belly" pic. there isnt too much of one yet, and i was trying a different angle so you wouldnt see how much larger my boobs are than my belly. you feel me carolyn?
also, this was last week so this is me at 17 weeks. and now im 18.
for real, i want to take some from the side, i just havent yet.
such is life.

how was your weekend? watch the super bowl? go packers!? do i care? do you eat the outsides of your sandwich first and save the very middle, the very best bite with all the good stuff, til last?
i do.

top two are old photos from facebook 

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