spring break(s)- part one.

would you like to know the beauty of not actually having a spring break? okay, ill tell you...you get to have  EVERYONES spring break!

jackson and i (and growing bro) have been partying big time with both grandparents, aunts, friends and the like. so thats why i havent been here. and we have had some big issues, but i like to pretend those dont exist. anywho, here are some pictures to prove that we are alive and having fun.

 how we have been killing the hot and car-less afternoons. bc sometimes this pregnant momma doesnt feel like walking a mile to the park at 230. feel me?
 what i do while he splashes.
 trip to the glazer childrens museum with jeffreys mom.
 he is so into being a fireman, seeing firetrucks and anything to do with firefighters in general lately. this truck was perfect.
a group parachute time at the museum. dont you remember parachute time in p.e? the best.

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