spring break(s)- part two

so after a chill week of museums and pools and eating out (a lot), we went camping at the beach with my family. it was gorgeous out ,we got seriously brown and very very tired but it was so fun and jbear did great for his first 2 night camping extravaganza. oh yeah, i also went to the dentist. clean teeth!

 florida sunset on the sebastian inlet. plus a freshly shorn head of the hubs.
 sister with a "perfectly roasted" s'more. everyone was hating on me because i like my charred. dont mess with a preg lady and her s'mores people.
jeffers buried jbear. kind of a goofy picture but i like it.

the beach was perfectly breezy with cool water and a warm sun.

dont we think i need to be in more pictures? not in a vain way, but for real, i actually was there. not just my child, husband and sister, i swear.

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