{chelsea's} grown up christmas list

chelsea just happens to be my husband's wonderful cousin!
her and her husband ryan live in colorado and got married on my birthday!
so of course, their marriage is extra blessed. :)
here is {chelsea's} grown up christmas list...

{chelsea's} grown up christmas list:

1. a smooth closing on the house we just bought, we're SO excited, but it's a lot to do and a lot has to happen between now and then

2. peace for my little sister
3.  guidance from God on the whole getting pregnant thing!... it's so much more involved than you think once it becomes something in your near future, huh?
4. Ok, and I have one materialistic one... an iPhone, mostly for the ability to take random pictures when I'm out and about and be able to share them
5. and since this is, in fact, a grown-up list, I'll end the list with a Santa's sleigh... a fabulous cocktail my mom always makes during the holidays

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