i am now part of the 99%...

...of the population who own an iphone. yes, thats right folks, im up to date with technology.
whats that you say? no excuse for not posting the rest of of grown up christmas lists and being gone for a month?
quite right, quite right.
what if i told you that ive been sick for a little over a month? with my third set of ear and sinus infections? would you feel kinda bad?
no? okay, fine.
well whether you are okay with my absence or not, here we are.
back in the loving arms of the blogosphere.
hold tight! because even SNL is making fun of bloggers both successful and the not! (it is pretty funny and true)
but oh! there is life to share!
today my baby boy is 7 months old!
how did that happen so fast? thats closer to one than to birth!
and this weekend i am toting that baby down to sofla for a little shooty shoot with sarah (the bombdotcom) of 1313 photography and also of reallygreatfriend ness.
and im doing the flowers! and assisting in styling!
with my friend! and my mom! and my baby! and ashley and philip! (heyyyyy ashley and philip)
so there will most definitely be pictures of that here and over on thistle and tulle (which will be making a resurgence!)

before i head out, i shall leave you with an instagram run down of the past 3 weeks...ready, go!


  1. three things..
    one. i can't believe you caved and got an iphone.. i'm totally jealous..
    two. i love your children. and carrick is totally starting to resemble you more, the picture of him and jackson together, cutest faces ever :)
    three. I GET TO SEE YOU TODAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! so excited!

  2. I am officially the only person that I know that doesn't have an iphone. Boo. You're going to have so much fun this weekend- but I wish you were here with us tonight!! Can't wait to see pictures! :)

  3. it was so great to finally meet you! thanks SO much for your help with the shoot today! everything turned out perfect!!