{lindsay's} grown up christmas list

first let me say, thank you for the overwhelming response to the my (your) grown up christmas list request! i have loved reading through all of them- feeling surprised, saddened, hopeful and joy all at the same time. i will be posting one each day this week!

our first list is from lindsay of fueled by diet coke.
long story short about lindsay; she married the guy that took over jeffreys' lease when we found out we were pregnant with jackson.
he came from chicago.
and then went to our church, met lindsay and married lindsay.
its our one and only success story when it comes to love for others. (and we didnt do anything except bring him to tallahassee)

(lindsay's) grown up christmas list:

1. financial prosperity and stability in the coming year.

2. a physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually satisfying marriage.
3. HEALTH. period.
4. that my mom continues to keep her diabetes under control without medication.
5. clear direction of God's calling for us.

thank you lindsay :)
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