my {your} grown up christmas list

today marks 2 years since Campbell Joye was wrapped in the arms of heaven.
2 years that have both flown quickly by and dragged slowly on.
it seems fairly impossible to me that we have 3 kids.
and that at this time, 2 years ago, i received the phone call from Campbells nurse saying they needed to talk to us.
and right now i am laughing with her little brother.
the contrast between these two moments overwhelms me.
with joy, with sadness, with a yearning, and with love.

so today, i have decided to ask ANYONE who reads this blog to send me their "grown up christmas list"
this christmas seems to feel like my first season of real adult christmas wishes.
yeah sure, a gift card to anthro or a day at the spa sound great, but really there is so much more on my heart and in the world that i ache for.
so please, do this for me?
if i get just two people to send me theirs (with a picture) i will be elated.
send it to kpi1016@yahoo.com with subject line "my grown up list" with say 5 things!?
now, please.

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