you are the best thing.

image via pinterest

yesterday was not my best day. it was a day of meltdowns, carrick rolled off of the changing table with my hand on him! i caught him, thank the Lord but it was after a long long day and i fell apart. jeffrey walked in to chicken burning on the stove, jackson screaming and me crying and clutching carrick (who was happy and smiling)
so this morning i decided to start the day right. after we took jbear to preschool, i put baby down for a nap and had a quiet time. i prayed for patience and was reminded of what i am. i am a mother. i get to raise to amazing, brown eyed little boys. what a gift!
as i was closing my eyes and thinking of my sweet girl,  i remembered what kind of mother i always used to say i would be. an adventurer. jeffrey and i have always been adventurers. our whole marriage has been an adventure and i want to instill that in my boys.
and then a sweet coo called to me from the kiddos room. the days adventure was here. a day to smile, learn, laugh and have fun. to get dirty!
so carrick and i are jamming to ray lamontagne's "you are the best thing" and im thinking- yeah, they really are.