weekender {instagram edition}

we had quite the eventful end of the week/weekend.
on friday, the boys and i were graced with a visit, complete with scones and mimosas, from my bff darby.
which was quickly followed by the purchase of a second car...

we (i being the one without) have had one car for a little over a year and a half and while i am so thankful that we had any car at all i now know what a luxury it is to have two cars.
really- i think back to all the times i have complained and i cant help but think that a large population of the world goes without food.
or a home...
but i am thankful for this car.
oh, i also got a haircut.
the hair was getting all super long and i couldnt see out of one eye so i enjoyed an evening out with a glass of wine...

and got my masses of hair trimmed up.

we played pirates and found something we had been waiting for...

a tooth!

it felt, and was, a very introspective weekend. i said "eye opening" earlier today but thats not it.
i feel as if im finally listening to what God is saying in my life.
or at least im starting.
how weird is it that listening takes effort?
because we are so self involved, thinking that we know best when really, we know nothing.
we must listen.

so we did that too.
then we ate a bunch of burritos and cinnamon pita chips at a superbowl party and laughed because 20 kids under the age of 10 is loud.
real loud.
how was your weekend?

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  1. yay for a new car and hair cut!! LOVE the hair! sounds like you really had a wonderful weekend, i'm so glad! i had a wedding yesterday and church and family time today, so it was a good one :)