weekender {spring break edition}

this past week was jacksons "spring break" ( its only pre school so he isnt dying for a break from his academia or anything) and for me, that has always signaled the beginning of beach season which really means; time to relax and act like its summer!
so i took a little blogging break and we got busy being spring break-y!
next year, of course i will take them down to miami to troll for ladies but this year, well it just didnt seem appropriate. (joke!)

we started off the week with beignets from the poor porker
went "hiking" and fishing with skallie
hit up st pete beach with some friends
hung out at my parents house and returned to the pool!
went strawberry picking with our neighbors
celebrated st patrick day (its practically my dads day!) with a bbq
swam some more
then grilled out at home
all in all, a pretty great flippin week!

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