on being a parent

when you "sign up" to have a baby, i feel most people dont realize that you also become a parent.
not in the actual sense of the word but in a 
sort of way.
plus you have all the "im going to do it better than my parents" idealisms in your head...
and when your eldest child is a mini version of your husband but and emotional clone of yourself...
you wish you would have read the books sooner.
we have come to a point where i have to choose not to fall apart, just because he is.
and it is hard.
i know he wont be 4 forever.
 i love this kid more than words.
and praying for strength and wisdom to be his mother-
a good, creative, nurturing, loving, compassionate and godly mother- 
is becoming my new hobby. :)


  1. love you, you are doing a great job being an awesome and loving mom :)

    i hope today was a good and encouraging one!