one year.

note: his birthday was yesterday and i didnt get a chance to post this. just one of those notimetodomuchbutlifedays...

carrick james, today you are one.
your first day in this world wasnt quite as smooth and welcoming as i had hoped, but you have endured.
you are the sweetest, happiest little boy and i will cherish the way you snuggle on me.
i know that God gave you to us, not only to bless our lives but to pull us out of the depths of our sadness after losing your sister.
what a vessel for joy you are.
those big brown eyes always twinkling and capturing my heart.
you have a brother who (mostly) adores you.
a father who you think hung the moon.
and a mother who cannot believe your sweetness.
we love you so much carrick...
happy first birthday my little one!!

(and now, a true montage of pictures...)

7 days old
 4 months old
 6 months old
 8 months old (photo by sarah morris, 1313 photography)
 10 months
 today! you are one! and i cant believe it!

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