peanut is 2.

today is that little peanut on the rights 2nd birthday.
like every mother has ever said, my how time flies.
but seriously, it does.
it has.
it is. 
carrick james, you are the silliest, sweetest, most amazing little peanut and we love you to bits.
though you are in an extremely "2" phase, you make up for it with good snuggling and pretty cute apologies for hitting or kicking us.
im not entirely sure how you are going to handle this new baby brother of yours.
on one hand, you loooove babies. 
but on the other, you can be a teensy bit possessive of me and your ahem, toys.
i guess we shall see sweet boy.
happy happy day.
you make our family that much better everyday.
i love you to the moon.
and back.

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