yoga is saving my life.

so, its two weeks and a day to baby. but i mean, WHOS counting?
about a week and a half ago i started have the worst back pain ever. like, i could hardly walk.
so ironic, i thought, because this pregnancy has been my fittest, healthiest pregnancy.
with me paying special attention to my back and shoulders...
and now i cant walk without crying. 
so ive turned to yoga.
30 minutes a day and i can walk without tears.
now lets have a friggin baby!

and while on that whole baby subject, darby took some "boudoir" (as much as i would allow) pregnancy pictures of me (because she is half blind and could stomach it) back in april and im kind of glad i have them.
i dont know if this will be my last pregnancy...
we would like to adopt eventually...
but if it is, i have beautiful pictures of me during it. 
thanks darbalish.

and yes, i realize it is a tiny bit odd that im a little cleavagey and whatever in these but hey, its my blog right? 

all photos by darby musha (she is so sneaky you will have to ask me for her info, which you should)

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  1. Kathleen, you looks so gorgeous. I love the last picture. That Darby, is so talented! I'm glad she was able to capture these moments.