crayola, part of a balanced breakfast.

    this morning, along with our honey wheat english muffins, we also had some crayons. green and blue to be exact. personally, i prefer yellow, but little bear likes the boy colors. mm hmm. so this is the story...usually in the morning we go for a run, or play outside in his car or something fun like that but this particular morning, like the past 5 mornings, was freezing! (okay it was like 30 degrees but for florida, thats the coldest EVER!) so we stayed inside. and being the genius mom that i am thought that coloring would be a fantastic idea! i mean he likes to color with my pens and pencils, why wouldnt he finally be ready, realllllly ready, to color with crayons? let me warn you, we've tried before and completely lost red. (rip) today was no different. a few scribbles here, a few there and then! green lost his torso and blue lost his head.

its amazing. he moves so fast! one second he is a happy little artist and next, im going to be looking at green poop for the next two days. sad.

so now it is naptime and i am off to paint my large canvas! yes, this is my first canvas that is larger than 16 x 20 and its all thanks to my 50% off michaels coupon! man i love those things. i think i will make some sort of andy warhol-esque color block with some b&w prints on it. its going in j's room so it will be wonderfully kid oriented and should be up here tomorrow. his room is my last before and after and isnt ALL the way done, but will be by friday, which is tomorrow. i need to get on it with my drill! 

until next time. stay smart! kathleen.

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  1. that is too funny! i had no idea you could just eat entire crayons. i was more of a paper-eater myself.