ummm, just after.

today i feel a little bit gangster. i dont know why but when this sort of mood strikes, i wont lie, i like it! so lets holla at my updations... below you will find my new desk! its a bangin shabby chic-esque desk that i like to pretend is really in my parisian flat. one day...
next we have the montage. hmmm this montage took a lot of rearranging, random holes in the wall that is made only of plaster of paris and concrete block and really just pure madness. this is basically the end result. but i might add one of the shutters i stole from our neighbors who are remodeling...i am such a legal thief.
this one actually is a before and after. my grandmother gave me an apron for christmas. it was an apron that she had given my great grandpa bill (her dad) when she was little and lets just say it REALLY covered me. it was a to the floor, has sleeves, aprON. so we cut it and hemmed it and bam! apron of the new millenium. i look gross, but the apron is cute!
the vogue square. how appropriate that my homage to vogue is square, like the dance, around your face. vintage and fabulous, i like it. and so does my bedroom.

and lastly, just a shot of little bear the day he was introduced to his new chair. he is such a posey little kid, its too funny sometimes. so im done, have a lovely afternoon and tomorrow will be the final installment of project make-everything-cuter!

"im so cute...take my picture!"

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