im wise, a wise french fry.

little bear jams. he jams in his jammies while i drink my java and jeffrey dances to the music that little bear is (or is not) making. we are so talented.

today i think i might go postal on my husband. not that i dont love him, because i very much do. he just does laundry like a mad man. ALL at once. and i am more of a one loader. like one load in the a.m, then put it away (or at least fold it) then maybe one or two more loads during the day. noooooot him. he says he gets the "laundry fever" and once he starts, he cannot be stopped. and for this, i might go nuts on his person for. above you will see the second load from the morning in the dryer. laundry hates me. but i dont fret over it because the feeling is mutual.

the other picture is of my big blank canvas which is still blank but it is now at least prepped and primed and ready to be acryllicized (i made that word up...we could add it to skaties' dictionary i suppose.) speaking of skatie...

they are coming in to town again this weekend! 2 weekends in a row, we are lucky ducks! (sorry millie, you are still thoroughly modern :) and now the little bear is awake because i was speaking loudly to my husband (ahem) to stop dancing on me. he has justin timberlake on pandora...i myself have feist. 

maybe im just a crabby apple today. either way, i need to run errands, make lunch and run. ohhh life an never be caught good thing its not truly our job to catch it...

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