what might have been.

so our friends james and christina just had their second baby (hooray!) and so to give them a little break we took their oldest logan, who is only 12 hours older than little bear (they had the same due date and everything!) for the day.

this is what my life might have looked like had i had twins...

we would have had play time...twins.
we would have had rest and juice time...twins.
in the middle here we went to publix (no photograph, my apologies)...twins.

we would have had happy/upset bath time...twins.

and i would have eaten wayyyy to many of these.
so thank you Lord for knowing  i could have never handled twins. also, thank you skatie for playing with us this weekend and leaving me with a leftover bag of ganache, some frozen strawberry sugar and a desire for cute hair pieces...move here soon so we can go to goodwill! 

no i must go because my head hurts and my stomach hurts and i just ate two, count them TWO thomas' honey wheat english muffins because they are just THAT good.

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