23 weeks pregnant.

this morning, after a very long conversation with jbear about where "pee pee's" are and telling him multiple times that girls do NOT pee out of our butts, we got ready for church.
and i said to hubs
"hey, like i know its dumb but would you take a picture of me and babes (the one thats still baking)?"
and he was all like
"yes! we need to take pictures! lets go!"

so we went out to the "garden"(which is actually doing quite well)
and we had ourselves a little photo shoot.
now my hubs, he is a bit of a novice with the camera and gives no direction whatsoever so i just kind of stood there, feeling dumb, hoping the neighbors wouldnt come out and this, this is what we ended up with.

and yes, it is supposed to be a little silly. 
and yes, my face is fat.
notice how large my butt is also getting.
such a delight.


  1. LOL jackson cracks me up!
    you look great and your garden looks great too! i need to come visit soon :)

    also, where did you get that dress? it's super cute!

  2. haha welllll YOU bought it for me! like 3 years ago for my birthday! remember? and yay for next weekend! i clearly need some sun...

  3. why don't you stop dissing yourself! you look awesome!