the calm before...

it hardly seems worth mentioning that i havent been here.
its quite obvious.
but really, i have been having an on again off again relationship with the blog world lately.
in my 34 week of growing baby number 3, my patience is short, my face is "pregnant" fat (and if you tell me its not, youre a liar and a bad friend) and i find myself wanting more stuff that is superfluous and then makes me cranky.
and blogs, well they are full of stuff.
and you, most likely, dont need it.
but then you pin it.
and your life focus if lost.
and honestly, i have a lot more life to focus on.
so in the next 23 days (shwat?!) before baby, i probably wont be dropping in here much.
for sure no pictures of me, because they make me hate myself ( i know its all for the good of the baby, i know).
and yeah, thats life.
real quick a minute , jbear did start tball.
and for the most part, he has loved it.
for the most part. 
good afternoon,
good evening,
and good night.

ps- i do promise-swear- that when baby arrives i will give you pictures, name and all that good jazz because im sure if you do read this, thats all you really care about anyways.


  1. Hey Kathleen! This is Mich Bilyeu (now Mich Stoker! :).. just wanted to let you know that I follow your blog on my google reader and I really enjoy it! I hope the next 23 days go smoothly and that the days after baby comes are even better!

  2. Hey Kathleen, This is Abby from thestorywood. I just followed your comment on my blog to your blog (did that make sense?), and I was drawn to read your whole story about your baby girl and the story of your struggles over the past eighteen months. I'm not sure why I did it...I normally steer clear of painful things, ever since losing my Mom. I think I feel like I have enough pain in my own life, than to delve into someone else's. However, your honesty was refreshing and intriguing. I think that so few people are truly honest on their blogs, and I wanted to thank you for your transparency. It spoke to me, and I just know it has helped others.

    Your little girl is beautiful...and I say is because she still IS. I am so happy to see you big and pregnant with your next little life. God is good, even when it hurts.

    I imagine you must be having fears about this pregnancy...at least I have big fears with my pregnancies and I haven't had to go through a trauma, so I imagine you could be struggling with fears. I pray God gives you a supernatural peace through these last weeks and that you are able to cherish this birth experience and next few months of fresh new life. Thanks for your comment on my blog and your honesty in this space. Love, Abby