that moment when your little baby turns in to a kid.

and then you realize you are a really cheesy mom for taking above photo.
and then you realize its been like 2 months since you blogged.
and probably no one reads this.

but really, i cannot believe he is 6.
my first little baby.
i remember when i used to say "one day he will talk and lose teeth and be in KINDERGARTEN"
and look at that, he is all of those things.
happy birthday my sweet boy/kid.
i love you and every loose tooth in your mouth (there are 3)

also, i do a bit of this now.


Rory Hanson

like the good mom that i am, im telling the blog world about my newborn child...a month late. ah hell, he will never know ;)

 july 18, 2013- just as planned.
7 lbs 4 oz
19 3/4 in (our longest baby yet!)
and looks like me to boot!
Rory boy, welcome to the family babe.

photo by sarah morris (soon to be carson!) of 1313 photography.
because she is the best :)


yoga is saving my life.

so, its two weeks and a day to baby. but i mean, WHOS counting?
about a week and a half ago i started have the worst back pain ever. like, i could hardly walk.
so ironic, i thought, because this pregnancy has been my fittest, healthiest pregnancy.
with me paying special attention to my back and shoulders...
and now i cant walk without crying. 
so ive turned to yoga.
30 minutes a day and i can walk without tears.
now lets have a friggin baby!

and while on that whole baby subject, darby took some "boudoir" (as much as i would allow) pregnancy pictures of me (because she is half blind and could stomach it) back in april and im kind of glad i have them.
i dont know if this will be my last pregnancy...
we would like to adopt eventually...
but if it is, i have beautiful pictures of me during it. 
thanks darbalish.

and yes, i realize it is a tiny bit odd that im a little cleavagey and whatever in these but hey, its my blog right? 

all photos by darby musha (she is so sneaky you will have to ask me for her info, which you should)


peanut is 2.

today is that little peanut on the rights 2nd birthday.
like every mother has ever said, my how time flies.
but seriously, it does.
it has.
it is. 
carrick james, you are the silliest, sweetest, most amazing little peanut and we love you to bits.
though you are in an extremely "2" phase, you make up for it with good snuggling and pretty cute apologies for hitting or kicking us.
im not entirely sure how you are going to handle this new baby brother of yours.
on one hand, you loooove babies. 
but on the other, you can be a teensy bit possessive of me and your ahem, toys.
i guess we shall see sweet boy.
happy happy day.
you make our family that much better everyday.
i love you to the moon.
and back.



tooooootally what i look like when i clean. image via pinterest

about a month ago, we decided to wait to buy and house and stick it out another year, with three boys, in our little two bedroom house. which is fine. really. except that all of my nesting and creative instincts should be going in to a nursery. and i have none. bummer, yeah. but at least we have a roof over our heads!

so to channel my need for cleanliness and productivity ive been cleaning! oh! the amount of bon ami we have gone through! the grout! the bathtubs! the baseboards! needless to say, by the time im done dust and fingerprints will be a thing of the past.

anyone else having sudden (or not so sudden) cleaning urges lately? or any cute nurseries i can be jealous of? ;)


our little family.

it would be lying if i said i hadnt been "inspired to blog" lately. im actually feeling full of inspiration (more lack of energy at this point) and my brain/body are in full nesting mode. but really, before we embark on adding another little body of testosterone to this household, im trying to really just enjoy our family as it is now. we have this flow going, a good routine and jeffrey and i feel like we've "got this". hahaha i laugh because of course right when we feel that way, its alllllll about to change. anyways, here are some of my favorite shots that sarah, ashley and reagan took back in february. our family as it is now- 4 here, 1 in heaven and one growing. 
ps- go here for our family photos from last year!

seriously, i love these boys.
all photos by 1313 photography 



today is also my parents 30th anniversary!! my parents marriage is the perfect example to me of how life isnt perfect, or easy but with God as the stronghold between you, 30 years can happen ;) plus, they look about the same as they did then! love you guys!